Section 1-11.04 March, 2012 Extension of Corporate Limits.

The corporate limits of the City of Columbia shall include the following land:

An irregular shaped parcel of land being two (2) tracts of land described in a warranty deed in Book 3333 at Page 155 and a warranty deed in Book 3333Page 156, both of the Boone County Records; situate in the east half (1/2) of the east half (1/2) of the south half (1/2) of the southeast quarter (1/4) of the northwest quarter (1/4) of Section 25, Township 49 North, Range 13 West, Boone County, Missouri; said parcel being described as follows:

BEGINNING at the center of said section; thence along the east-west quarter (1/4) section line N.88°38’W., 270.5 feet to the southeast corner of Forest Ridge Plat 1 as recorded in Plat Book 38 at Page 60 of said Records; thence along the east and south lines of said Plat N.0°11’E., 155.5 feet; N.14°41’25”E., 440.9 feet; N.0°11’E., 544.5 feet; S.89°49’E., 160.0 feet to the southeast corner of Lot 242 of said Plat on the north-south quarter section line; thence along said line S.0°11’W., 1,132.3 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING.

        (Ord. No. 21251, § 4, 3-5-12)