Section 1-12 City Seal.

    (a) Device. The device of the seal of the city shall be an eagle. Such seal shall be so engraved as to represent by its impression the device aforesaid, surrounded by a scroll inscribed with the words "Seal of the City of Columbia, Mo., " in Roman capitals.

    (b) Form and size. The city seal shall be circular and not more than two (2) inches in diameter.

    (c) Clerk to affix when ordinance requires. The city clerk shall keep the seal of the city in his office, and shall affix the same to all instruments of writing of whatever nature, whenever required by ordinance, resolution or order of the city council, or on the requisition of the mayor.

    (d) Clerk to affix seal required by individual, fee. The city clerk is authorized to affix the seal to all documents, whenever required thereto by any individual, and he shall be entitled to receive from the applicant for each certificate and seal the sum of fifty cents ($0.50).

(Code 1964, §§ 1.130--1.160)