Prior to the adoption of Ord. 19672 on 09/17/2007, Section 10-1 read as follows.

     The purposes of this chapter are to:

    (1)    Establish a non-discriminatory local policy concerning cable systems, open video systems, and private communication systems that use the public rightsofway;

    (2)    Promote the availability of diverse, multimedia information resources to the community;

    (3)    Provide for enhancing educational opportunities throughout the community and building a stronger community;

    (4)    Encourage the provision of advanced and competitive cable or open video system services on the widest possible basis to the businesses, institutions and residents of the city;

    (5)    Encourage economic development while preserving aesthetic and other community values and preventing proliferation of aboveground facilities; and  

    (6)    Establish the potential for universal access to video programming services for all residents and businesses.

     The definitions set forth in Sec. 67.2677 RSMo shall apply to this chapter.  

(Ord. No. 18917, § 2, 3-6-06)