Section 11-112 Reports of physicians and officers of institutions.

    It shall be the duty of every licensed physician and of every superintendent or manager of a hospital, dispensary or other institution devoted to the care of the sick in the city, to notify the director, on a card furnished by the director, of any case of sexually transmitted disease, in the infectious stage, under their supervision or care. Such card shall state the age, sex, color, social condition, number of children and occupation of such diseased person, the character and previous duration of such disease and the probable source of infection. Such report cards shall be mailed within three (3) days after the diagnosis has been made of such diseased person; provided, that except as hereinafter required, the name and address of such diseased person need not be reported to the director, but instead the person may be identified by a file number. Upon the receipt of a report card by the director where the name and address is not given, the card shall be stamped with the file number of the division and an acknowledgment card mailed to the physician bearing this file number, which shall be preserved by the physician for his future reference.

(Code 1964, § 10.260)