Section 11-114 Powers and duties of director.

    It is hereby made the duty of the director, and he is hereby directed and empowered as follows:

    (1)    In all suspected cases of sexually transmitted disease in the infectious stage, owing to the prevalence of such diseases among prostitutes, all prostitutes may be considered as suspected persons. In such cases the director shall use every available means of determining whether the person suspected of being infected is suffering from such disease in the infectious state. Whenever such disease is found to exist, the director shall, whenever possible, ascertain the source of such infection. In such investigations the director is hereby vested with full powers of inspection, examination, isolation and treatment of all persons, places and things as provided in this article.

    (2)    Inasmuch as prostitution is a prolific source of sexually transmitted infection, the director and all other subordinate officers shall use every proper means of suppressing the same, and all such officers are hereby prohibited from issuing certificates or other evidences of freedom from sexually transmitted disease.

    (3)    Cases of gonococcus infection shall be regarded by the director as infectious until at least two (2) successive bacteriological examinations, taken not less than twenty-four (24) hours apart, fail to show gonococci.

    (4)    The director may isolate persons infected with any of such sexually transmitted diseases in a place provided by the city whenever and as long as isolation is necessary to protect the public health.

(Code 1964, § 10.320)