Section 11-178 General operating requirements.

    The following general operating requirements shall apply to all junk dealers licensed in accordance with the provisions of this article:

    (1)    The license issued pursuant to this article shall be plainly displayed on the business premises.

    (2)    The junkyard, together with all things kept therein, shall at all times be maintained in a sanitary condition.

    (3)    No property, space or area not covered by the license shall be used in the licensed business.

    (4)    No water shall be allowed to stand in any place on the premises in such manner as to afford a breeding place for mosquitoes.

    (5)    Weeds and vegetation on the premises, other than trees, shall be kept at a height of not more than twelve (12) inches.

    (6)    No garbage or other waste liable to give off a foul odor or attract vermin shall be kept on the premises; nor shall any refuse of any kind be kept on the premises, unless such refuse is junk, as defined herein, and is in use in the licensed business.

    (7)    No junk shall be allowed to rest upon or protrude over any public street, walkway or curb, or become scattered or blown off the business premises.

    (8)    Junk shall be stored in piles not exceeding ten (10) feet in height and shall be arranged so as to permit easy access to all such junk for firefighting purposes.

    (9)    No combustible material of any kind not necessary or beneficial to the licensed business shall be kept on the premises; nor shall the premises be allowed to become a fire hazard.

    (10)    Gasoline and oil shall be removed from any scrapped engines or vehicles on the premises.

    (11)    No junk or other material shall be burned on the premises in any incinerator not meeting the requirements of the fire prevention code and the building code and the Missouri Air Conservation Commission; and no junk or other material shall be burned on the premises in the open except in accordance with the city ordinances and the laws and regulations of the state.

    (12)    No noisy processing of junk or other noisy activity shall be carried on in connection with the licensed business on Sunday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or at any time between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

    (13)    The area on the premises where junk is kept (other than indoors) shall be enclosed, except for entrances and exits, with a solid, vertical wall or fence of a minimum height of ten (10) feet, measured from the ground level. Entrances and exits shall not be wider nor more numerous than reasonably necessary for the conduct of the licensed business; provided, however, that the board of adjustment may modify this requirement.

    (14)    The licensee shall permit inspection of the business premises by the director or his representative, or any police officer.

    (15)    No junk dealer licensed hereunder or his agent or employee shall purchase or receive any junk for use in the licensed business from any person under the age of eighteen (18) years without the written consent of a parent or guardian of such person. Such writing shall be held available for inspection by the director or his representative for a period of at least one year.

    (16)    Each acquisition of junk shall be recorded in a permanent type register kept on the business premises, giving the name and residence address of the person from whom the acquisition was made, a description of the junk acquired, and the date of the transaction. Such data shall be held available for inspection by the director or his representative for a period of at least one year.

    (17)    No junk shall be allowed to become a nuisance; nor shall any junkyard be operated in such a manner as to become injurious or detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the community or of any residents close by.

(Code 1964, § 10.10580)