Prior to the adoption of Ord. 16592 on 09/18/2000, Section 11-17 read as follows.

Patrons of the health department shall pay the following fees for personal health services.  No one will be denied health services for inability to pay.

Immunization Administration Fee for State Provided Vaccines    $5.00/visit
Flu Shots                                        $5.00
Pneumovax                                        $10.00
Hepatitis A    $25.00/dose
Hepatitis B    $25.00/dose
Other Non-mandatory vaccinations                        Vaccine cost plus $5.00
PPD                                            $2.00
Sports Physicals                                    $15.00
Daycare Physicals                                    $5.00
Well Woman’s Exam (Non-Title V @ 300% poverty)                    $20.00
Well Woman’s Exam - Employee Health                        $25.00
Oral Contraceptives (Non-Title V @ 300% poverty)                    $5.00/3 mos.
DepoProvera (Non-Title V @300% poverty)    $10.00/shot
Dental Co-Pay                                        $20.00