Section 11-197 Application.

    An applicant for license under this article shall file with the director a written application signed by himself, if an individual, by all partners, if a partnership, or by the president or chief officer of a corporation or other organization, upon forms provided by the business license administrator, together with a fee as hereinafter prescribed. The application shall be sworn to by each of its signers before a notary public or other officer authorized by law to administer oaths, and shall include the following information or material:

    (1)    Name, residence address and telephone number of each individual owner, partner, or, if a corporation or other organization, each officer and director.

    (2)    Trade names and addresses of the business on behalf of which application is made and its telephone number if assigned.

    (3)    Exact address or location of the place where the business is or is proposed to be carried on, plus a detailed drawing of the actual premises to be used in connection with the business, giving distances in feet and showing adjoining roads, property lines, buildings and uses.

(Code 1964, § 10.10530)