Section 11-202 Revocation and suspension.

    When the director determines that the public interest so requires, he shall revoke or suspend the license of any junk dealer when he finds, after due investigation and hearing, if requested by the licensee, that:

    (1)    The junk dealer or any agent or officer of such dealer who takes part in the operation of the licensed business, is not of good character or reputation or is not capable of operating the licensed business or carrying on the licensed activity in a manner consistent with public health and safety;

    (2)    The junk dealer has failed to comply with the provisions of this article or any provision of law applicable to the premises, equipment or operation of the license business;

    (3)    The licensee has obtained his license through any fraud or misstatement;

    (4)    The licensed business or activity is being conducted in a manner detrimental to the health, safety or general welfare of the public, or is a nuisance, or is being operated or carried on in any unlawful manner; or

    (5)    The licensed business or activity is no longer being operated or carried on.

(Code 1964, § 10.10600)