Prior to the adoption of 16982 on 09/01/2001, Section 11-224 read as follows.

    Any growth of weeds on any lot or ground is hereby declared to be a nuisance. The term "weeds" shall include:

    (1)    All vegetation which shall have attained a height of twelve (12) inches or more and which meets any one of the following tests:

        a.    Vegetation which may exhale unpleasant or noxious odors.

        b.    Vegetation which transmits pollen into the air at any stage of maturity

        c.    Vegetation which shall or could conceal or invite deposits of trash or other material or which shall or could afford food or harborage for rodents, insects or reptiles.

        d.    Vegetation which is commonly known and recognized as weeds and grasses.

        e.    Vegetation which shall interfere with the passage of motor vehicles, bicycles and/or pedestrians upon any public right-of-way by blocking, screening or obscuring the sight distance of the drivers of such vehicles, the driver's ability to observe vehicular traffic at or near any side street, intersection, driveway entrance or other point from which vehicular or pedestrian traffic may enter upon or cross any street, or other public right-of-way, or the sight distance and/or ability of any pedestrian to observe vehicular traffic before entering or crossing any street or other public right-of-way.

    (2)    Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac, at any height or stage of maturity.

(Code 1964, § 10.6020)