Section 11-230 Nuisances enumerated.

The following are declared to be nuisances:

(1)    Any condition, substance or thing on public or private property that is injurious or dangerous to public health or safety.

(2)    Any condition or thing defined as a nuisance in this code or any code adopted by this code.

    (3)    Any condition prohibited by article XI of this chapter (Aesthetic Regulations).

        (4)        A tree or any tree limb that is dead and that is a hazard to life or property.
    1. A tree or any tree limb that causes a safety hazard by obstructing the line of sight of a motor vehicle driver, bicyclist or pedestrian at a street intersection.

    (6)    A tree or any tree limb that could interfere with the passage of motor vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians on any public right-of-way.

(7)    A tree that harbors insects or disease that constitutes a potential threat to other trees.

    (8)    Noxious fumes.

(9)    Accumulations or deposits of garbage other than garbage temporarily stored for lawful disposal provided that the garbage is temporarily stored in a leak proof container designed for the storage of garbage.

    (10)    Any accumulation of trash or debris.

    (11)    Sewage or other human organic waste discharged or exposed on any land in a manner that makes it a potential instrument or medium for the breeding of flies and mosquitoes, the production of odors, or the transmission of disease, or which contaminates surface water or ground water.

(12)    Any barn or other place where animal or fowl waste collects that is not kept in a clean and wholesome condition so that no odors offensive to a person of ordinary sensibilities are allowed to escape the premises.

    (13)    Deposits of leaves, grass, dirt or other material that interfere with the proper functioning of any sewer inlet or fixture.

    (14)    Any accumulation of unwholesome, impure or stagnant water.

        (15)    Any accumulation of material that does or could afford harborage for rats, mice or snakes.

(Ord. No. 16982, § 2, 8-6-01)

(16982, Amended, 08/06/2001, Prior Text)