Prior to the adoption of 16982 on 09/01/2001, Section 11-256 read as follows.

    Whenever it becomes necessary to abate a nuisance immediately in order to secure the general health of the city, or any of its inhabitants, the director is authorized to abate such nuisance without notice, and he may use any suitable means or assistance for that purpose, whether employees of the city or day laborers especially employed for that purpose, or any other help or assistance necessary therefor. The director shall certify the cost of abating such nuisance to the council, and the council may, by ordinance, levy the cost thereof as a special tax bill against the property on which such nuisance was located, if within the city limits, which tax shall be collected like other special tax bills and shall be a first lien on the property until paid.

(Code 1964, § 10.6080)