Section 11-262 Definitions.

    The following definitions apply to this division:

     Dismantled vehicle means any vehicle missing significant body parts such as the hood, fender, cab, door or trunk lid.

     Inoperable vehicle means any vehicle that does not possess an engine, has one or more flat or missing tires, or is otherwise incapable of being operated  for lack of a major component of the vehicle.

     Junk means worn, scrap, salvage or discarded materials of any nature including, but not limited to metal, glass, paper, cardboard, wood, clothing, furniture, carpeting, vehicle parts, appliances, construction material, trash and refuse.

     Junk-filled vehicle  means any vehicle used to store junk provided that the junk occupies more than one-half of the enclosed area of the vehicle, or junk is piled on the hood, roof or trunk of the vehicle, or if the vehicle is a truck, any junk in the bed of the vehicle extends higher than three feet above the bed of the vehicle.

     Unlicensed vehicle means any vehicle that is not validly registered under the motor vehicle laws of the State of Missouri or the laws of any other jurisdiction and any vehicle that does not display a valid current license plate in conformance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is registered.

     Vehicle means any device designed for the motorized transportation of persons or property over public ways.

(Ord. No. 16982, § 2, 8-6 -01)