Section 11-277 Design and operation requirements adopted by reference.

    The “City of Columbia Guide for Swimming Pool Design and Operation,” 2000 Edition, adopted by the city council on February 7, 2000, is made a part of this Code as fully as if set forth in its entirety.  Copies of the guide shall remain on file in the office of the city clerk and in the office of the director and shall be available for public use, inspection and examination.

(Code 1964, § 10.10110; Ord. No. 16334, § 1, 2-7-00)

     Cross reference(s)--Building code, § 6-16 et seq.; electrical code, § 6-31 et seq.; plumbing code, § 6-51 et seq.; minimum properties standards code, § 6-71 et seq.; fire prevention code, § 9-21 et seq.

(Ord. 16334, Amended, 02/07/2000, Prior Text)