Section 11-279 Health and safety requirements.

    (a) Removable ladders.   A Class D pool which is designed with a removable ladder shall have the ladder removed when the pool is unattended.  A Class D pool which has a safety ladder designed to swing upward and lock into place shall be locked into place when the pool is unattended.

    (b) Closing inspection.  All Class A,B, C, E and F pools shall have a closing inspection for off season safety considerations.    

        (c)     Lifeguard.  Each Class A, C and F swimming pool shall have at least one lifeguard on duty.  The total number of lifeguards shall be based on anticipated usage and design characteristics.  Lifeguard requirements for Class C pools shall not apply for lap swimming, athletic competition, organized classes and for other activities specified by the director which are supervised by appropriate staff members.   Lifeguards shall have completed a nationally recognized lifeguarding course.  All lifeguards or instructors on duty must be physically able and fit to rescue any bather in danger of drowning.  Lifeguards shall be in the pool area when the pool is open to persons other than residents of a hotel, motel, apartment building or multiple-family dwelling.

        (d)     Rules of conduct.  Each Class A, B, C, E and F swimming pool shall have posted rules for the conduct of bathers to minimize danger of injury to persons using the pool.  All such rules shall be approved by the health department.

        (e)    “ Swim at Own Risk” sign.  Each Class B swimming pool shall, when a lifeguard is not on duty, have conspicuously posted at the entrances to the pool a sign with letters not less than two inches in height reading “No Lifeguard on Duty - Swim at Own Risk.”

        (f)     Toilet and Shower Facilities.  Each person owning or operating a Class C pool shall provide toilet and shower facilities for nonresident swimming pool users.

(Code 1964, §§ 10.10110(B), 10.10120, 10.10130; Ord. No. 16334, § 1, 2-7-00)

(Ord. 16334, Amended, 02/07/2000, Prior Text)