Prior to the adoption of Ord. 21426 on 09/17/2012, Section 11-362 read as follows.

    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to tattoo another person except at a tattoo establishment which has a current tattoo establishment permit issued by the director.

    (b) Any person desiring a tattoo establishment permit shall make written application for a permit on forms provided by the director. The application shall include the applicant's full name, address, telephone number, location of the proposed tattoo establishment and such other information as the director requires to enforce the provisions of this article.

    (c) After receipt of an application for a tattoo establishment permit, the director shall inspect the proposed tattoo establishment to determine compliance with the provisions of this article. If applicable requirements of this article have been met, the director shall issue a tattoo establishment permit.

     (d)  An annual inspection fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($100.00 150.00 ) shall be collected by the business license administrator at the time the permit is issued.

    ( e )    A permit for a tattoo establishment may be granted at any time during the year, but all such permits shall expire on the thirty-first day of the next succeeding December. Tattoo establishment permits shall not be transferrable.

    ( f )    The tattoo establishment permit and all regulations of the director shall be posted at all times in a conspicuous place in the tattoo establishment.

(Ord. No. 15145, § 1, 2-3-97; Ord. No. 16592, § 1, 9-18-00)