Section 11-365 Regulation of premises.

    Operators shall comply with the following regulations:

    (1)    Tattoo establishments and equipment shall be maintained in a sanitary manner. This includes physical cleanliness as well as antiseptic precautions.

    (2)    Tattoo establishments shall be equipped with hot and cold running water. Adequate toilet facilities with soap and towels properly installed and in compliance with applicable ordinances, rules and regulations of the city shall be provided.

    (3)    The premises shall be kept clean and free of vermin at all times. There shall be no fly or mosquito breeding places or rodent harborages on the premises. Animals shall not be allowed in the tattooing room. Litter shall not be permitted to accumulate on the premises.

    (4)    Tattoo establishments shall be well lit with not less than fifty (50) foot-candles in all cleaning and working areas.

    (5)    Tattoo establishments shall have ventilation as required by applicable ordinances, rules and regulations of the city.

    (6)    Floors, walls and ceilings of tattoo establishments shall be clean and in good repair.

    (7)    Adequate equipment and facilities shall be provided for the disposition of cigarette butts and other disposable items.

    (8)    All tables and chairs used in the tattooing process shall be constructed of a material allowing easy and thorough cleaning and shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

    (9)    The director shall be permitted access to all areas of the premises and all records at any reasonable time.

(Ord. No. 15145, § 1, 2-3-97)