Section 11-366 Regulation of tattoo equipment.

    Operators shall comply with the following regulations:

    (1)    Nonreusable items such as needles, gauze and styptic pencils shall be treated as contaminated and be disposed of in appropriate isolation boxes in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

    (2)    Individual cups of ink or colors shall be used for each patron and shall be discarded after use.

    (3)    Needles and other instruments used in administering the tattoo, including hand pieces, needle bars and razor blade holders, must be thoroughly rinsed and sterilized after each use. All styptic pencils, gauze, gloves and similar items shall be used for one patron only and disposed of immediately after use.

    (4)    Sterilization of equipment shall be done by steam pressure sterilization (autoclave) for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes at two hundred seventy (270) degrees Fahrenheit, followed by a drying time of not less than fifteen (15) minutes.

        a.    To prepare for steam pressure sterilization, each needle shall be flushed with distilled water and left distinctly moist, immediately before the sterilization process is initiated. The tubes containing the needles shall rest on their sides in the sterilizer to facilitate the air removal and steam contact to each tube and needle.

        b.    When an autoclave procedure is used, indicator tape or other acceptable test method shall be used to check the effectiveness of sterilization. A daily log shall be kept of tests of equipment.

        c.    Records of methods of sterilization and temperature cycle for each sterilization process shall be kept on file for inspection by the director.

        d.    All instruments and needles shall be stored in a closed metal or glass container.

        e.    All acetate tattoo stencils shall be cleaned with seventy (70) per cent isopropyl alcohol between customers. Individual transfers of tattoo designs shall be used once and discarded.

        f.    All furniture or items splashed with blood or body fluid shall be cleaned with a bactericidal cleaner.

        g.    All tubes, hoses and reusable equipment shall be cleaned with soap and water or ultrasounded double wrapped in sterilizer paper or in peel pouches and appropriately sterilized.

(Ord. No. 15145, § 1, 2-3-97)