Section 11-367 Minimum aseptic technique.

    Operators shall comply with the following regulations:
    (1)    Neither the patron or operator shall consume or bring food or drink into the tattooing area and shall not smoke during the procedure or in the room where the tattooing takes place.

    (2)    The operator must be free from communicable disease while tattooing and present no pustular lesions of the hands or arms.

    (3)    The operator's hands shall be thoroughly washed in hot water with soap, using a short-bristled brush, and dried with a disposable paper towel immediately before tattooing. If the operator interrupts the procedure to perform other duties, the operator's hands shall be washed again in the manner provided in this section before resuming the tattoo procedure.

    (4)    The operator shall wear a clean and easily cleanable smock and latex/rubber single use disposable gloves while tattooing.

    (5)    The operator while tattooing shall wear an effective hair restraint, shall have clean fingernails and shall be generally clean and free from offensive body odors.

    (6)    The skin surrounding the area where the tattoo is to be placed shall first be washed with a germicidal soap and then shaved with a disposable blade.

    (7)    Individual razor blades shall be used when the patron is shaved and disposed of in an isolation container.

    (8)    The tattoo shall be bandaged with a sterile non-stick type bandage when the procedure has been completed.

    (9)    All infections resulting from tattooing shall be reported within five (5) business days to the director by the person owning or operating the tattoo establishment. The operator shall advise the patron to seek appropriate medical treatment for the infection.

(Ord. No. 15145, § 1, 2-3-97)