Prior to the adoption of 17135 on 04/08/2002, Section 11-61 read as follows.

    For the purposes of this article, the following words and terms shall have the meanings respectively ascribed:

     Beverage. Beer or other malt beverages and mineral waters, soda water and carbonated soft drinks, in liquid form and intended for human consumption.

     Biodegradable. Material which is capable of being broken down by bacteria into its component elements.

     Clean. A beverage container, upon its return for refund, shall contain only the residue of the beverage that it originally contained and shall not be covered with nor contain any visible dirt, soil, or foreign matter.

     Container. The individual, sealed and separate bottle, can, jar or carton composed of glass, metal, paper, plastic, or any combination of these materials, containing a beverage.

     Director. The Director of Health Services of the City of Columbia or his designee.

     Distributor. Every person who engages in the sale of consumer products in containers to a retailer in this city, including any manufacturer who engages in such sales.

     Refillable beverage container. Any beverage container which can be and is being washed, sterilized, refilled and resealed for the sale of beverages in the normal course of the beverage bottling industry.

     Retailer. Any individual, partnership, corporation or other business entity who, as a part of his principal business enterprise, sells or offers for sale a beverage in a container.

(Code 1964, § 10.10200)

     Cross reference(s)--Rules of construction and definitions generally, § 1-2.