Section 12-75 Administration of registry.

    (a)    The declaration of domestic partnership form shall require each registrant to:

(1)    Affirm that he or she meets the requirements of section 12-73 of this article,

(2)    Provide the mailing address of the common residence, and

(3)    Sign the form attesting that all statements are true and correct.

    (b)     The city shall have declaration and termination forms available at the department. The department shall make available sample legal documents including durable power of attorney for medical decisions, and right of sepulcher designations domestic partnership may also want to consider.

    (c)    The declaration of domestic partnership form and the termination of domestic partnership form shall contain notice that false statements made on the form are punishable.

    (d)    Partnership registration.  The city shall register the declaration of domestic partnership submitted by the partners in a registry and return a copy of the declaration to the domestic partners at the address provided as their common residence.

    (e)    The city shall register the notice of termination of domestic partnership pursuant to the requirements set forth in section 12-76.

(Ord. No. 20230, § 1. 4-6-09 ; Ord. No. 21416, §1, 9-4-12 )

(Ord. 21416, Amended, 09/04/2012, Prior Text; Ord. 20230, Added, 04/06/2009)