Section 12A-2 Purpose.

    The purpose of this chapter is to:

    (1)    Protect the health, safety and property of the people of Columbia by regulating the disturbance of land surface areas by preserving trees, preventing erosion on disturbed areas, and controlling storm water drainage.

    (2)    Assure that consideration is given to the preservation and restoration of natural features in the grading or development of public and private land.

    (3)    Assure that proper provisions are made regarding control of sediments resulting from rainfall on graded areas, and that adequate facilities are constructed for the management of storm water.

    (4)    Assure the movement of emergency vehicles during storm periods.

    (5)    Protect the public from rapidly flowing water and flash floods.

    (6)    Minimize storm and flood losses resulting from uncontrolled runoff.

    (7)    Establish requirements for construction of storm water management facilities in newly developed areas.

    (8)    Establish reasonable stormwater utility charges to enable the stormwater utility to develop and maintain a stormwater management system.

(Ord. No. 13019, § 1, 7-1-91; Ord. No. 13590 § 1, 2-15-93)