Section 12A-232 Applicability.

    (a)    This article applies to all land in the city except the following:

(1)    Land used for farming activities covered by an approved Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) conservation plan that includes the application of Best Management Practices (BMPs).

(2)    Land included in a preliminary or final plat approved before January 2, 2007.

(3)    The portion of land for which a valid, unexpired building permit has been issued or for which application for a building permit is pending on January 2, 2007.

    (4)    Land used for surface mining operations that is operating in compliance with a state-approved surface mining permit.

(Ord. No. 19343, § 1, 1-2-07)

(Ord. 19343, Added, 01/02/2007)