Section 12A-235 Stream buffer plan requirements.

    (a)    All development plans and plats shall include or be accompanied by a stream buffer plan that sets forth an informative, conceptual and schematic representation of the proposed stream buffers by means of maps, graphs, charts, or other written or drawn documents to enable the city to determine whether the plan or plat is in compliance with the requirements of this article.

    (b)    Stream buffer plans shall contain the following information:

    (1)    A site plan map at a minimum scale of 1-inch = 200-feet.

    (2)    Field delineated and surveyed streams, springs, seeps, bodies of water, sink holes, and wetlands (include a minimum of 200 feet into adjacent properties).

    (3)    Delineated stream buffers.

    (4)    Limits of the ultimate 100-year floodplain as shown on the adopted floodplain maps for the city of Columbia.

    (5)    Steep slopes greater than 15% for areas adjacent to and within 200 feet of streams, wetlands, or other waterbodies.

    (c)    A stream buffer plan shall be submitted in conjunction with the required land disturbance plan for each development, and the buffer must be clearly delineated on the site grading plan. Each site grading and drainage plan shall include a note stating, “There shall be no clearing, grading, construction or disturbance of vegetation except as specifically approved by the city.”

(Ord. No. 19343, § 1, 1-2-07)

(Ord. 19343, Added, 01/02/2007)