Section 12A-66 Erosion control requirements.

    (a) A soil erosion control plan shall accompany all applications for land disturbance permits. The purpose of the plan is to clearly establish what measures will be taken to prevent erosion and off site sedimentation during and after development. The erosion control plan shall consist of two parts, a site grading and drainage plan and a narrative report describing the nature and scope of the work. The plan shall be prepared and certified by a registered professional engineer, licensed in the State of Missouri.

    (b) Erosion and sedimentation control measures must be designed to provide protection from the runoff from a 10-year return frequency, 24-hour duration storm.

    (c) All surfaces must be stable and non-erosive within the lesser of thirty (30) working days or one hundred twenty (120) calendar days after completion of the work authorized by the land disturbance permit. When such work is associated with the construction of a building, no certificate of occupancy shall be issued until such surfaces are stable and non-erosive. If completion of the work or building is at such time of the year that stabilization with ground cover is not possible, a performance bond or other acceptable financial instrument for completion of the work may be accepted to allow the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

(Ord. No. 13019, § 1, 7-1-91)