Section 12A-68 Narrative report to accompany plan.

    (a) The narrative report describing the nature and scope of the work shall include the following:

    (1)    The report shall briefly describe the overall project and shall incorporate an explanation of existing significant drainage problems contributing to erosion and siltation problems, particularly those that will be intensified by the alteration to the construction site.

    (2)    The report shall explain how the project design insures that the project does not promote or aggravate an existing off-site erosion, siltation, or drainage problem. The narrative should include a description of the effect of land disturbance activities off-site.

    (3)    Runoff producing factors under existing conditions and the estimated changes after construction must be provided.

    (4)    For design of the erosion control measures and facilities, the report shall include calculations of the peak runoff from a 10-year return frequency, 24-hour duration storm.

    (5)    Long range management of the erosion and siltation control facilities must be addressed in the report.

    (6)    The phasing or staging of the land disturbing activity is to be described including information on the sequence of land clearing operations, specifying the maximum area and time span the area will be left denuded, the provisions for the removal, protection and stockpiling of soil, the types of major earth moving and grading activities, dust control measures, and the order of placement of control facility installations.

    (7)    Explanations for the selection of the erosion and siltation control measures utilized shall be provided.

    (8)    A schedule shall be provided for inspection and maintenance of the erosion and sediment control facilities to insure maximum effectiveness of the protective measures and to assure that preventive maintenance efforts will be carried out when needed. The report should also include a description of plans for resodding or reseeding of vegetated areas and repair of reconstruction of damaged structural measures, and the method and frequency of removal and disposal of waste materials removed from the control facilities or project area including the disposal of temporary structural measures after they have served their purpose.

(Ord. No. 13019, § 1, 7-1-91)