Section 12A-90 Stormwater management performance standards.

    The following general performance standards shall be followed in the preparation of stormwater management plans:

(1)    BMP’s shall be used to control the peak flow rates of stormwater discharge associated with specified design storms and to reduce the generation of stormwater runoff.  These practices must use pervious areas to treat stormwater and to infiltrate stormwater runoff from driveways, sidewalks, roof tops and parking lots to the maximum extent practicable in order to improve water quality and reduce the quantity of stormwater runoff.

(2)    Annual groundwater recharge rates shall be maintained to the maximum extent practicable, by promoting infiltration by the use of structural and nonstructural methods. Annual recharge from the post-development sites should mimic the annual recharge from pre-development site conditions.

(3)    Structural stormwater facilities shall remove eighty percent (80%) of the annual post-development total suspended solids load.  It is presumed that facilities comply with this performance standard if they are:

a.    Sized to capture the prescribed water quality volume;

b.    Designed in accordance with the specific requirements and level of service criteria set out in the Stormwater Management and Water Quality Manual; and

c.    Constructed properly and maintained regularly.

(Ord. No. 13019, § 1, 7-1-91; Ord. No. 19442, § 2, 3-5-07)

(Ord. 19442, Repealed and Replaced, 03/05/2007, Prior Text)