Section 12A-93 Permit required.

    No portion of a storm drainage system including stormwater management facilities may be constructed, reconstructed, altered, modified or repaired without first obtaining a permit from the director.  No such permit shall be issued until the director is satisfied that the plans for the work have been prepared in accordance with an approved stormwater management plan and with the Stormwater Management and Water Quality Manual and until the applicant has posted a performance bond, letter of credit, cash escrow or other performance security acceptable to the director, in the city’s favor assuring the construction, reconstruction, alteration, modification or repair of all stormwater management facilities authorized by the permit.  The performance security shall be in the amount of the estimated cost of the project.

(Ord. No. 19442, § 2, 3-5-07)

(Ord. 19442, Repealed and Replaced, 03/05/2007, Prior Text)