Section 13-133 Application.

    (a) Contents. Applications for licenses issued hereunder shall be made upon blank forms prepared and made available by the business license administrator and shall contain:

    (1)    The full name, age and principal residence of the owner or operating agent of the applicant.

    (2)    The name of any partnership, corporation or unincorporated association; the address and state of its principal place of business; the state of its incorporation and its registered agent, if any; and any fictitious names under which it is doing or has done business.

    (3)    The name, address and description of any entity which has licensed or is licensing the applicant to conduct his business in any other jurisdiction.

    (4)    A specific description of the location or locations at which the applicant intends to do business.
    (5)    The criminal record, if any, of the applicant, his principal operating agent and any employee who shall purchase, trade or accept the pledge of precious metal on behalf of the applicant.

    (b) Oath. The application shall be made under the oath of the applicant. Any applicant who supplies false information in his application for business or their registration for exemption as provided for in section 13-120(4) shall be subject to the refusal or revocation of the license; any applicant who knowingly supplies false information shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor, punishable as provided in section 16-66 of this Code.

(Code 1964, § 11.1330)