Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20688 on 07/19/2010, Section 13-158 read as follows.

    (a)     Contents. Applications for licenses issued hereunder shall be made upon blank forms prepared and made available by the business license administrator and shall state:

    (1)    The full name, age, residence, present and previous occupations of applicant.

    (2)    Whether the person signing the application is a citizen of the United States.

    (3)    A specific description of the location of the principal place of business of the applicant.

    (4)    The number of years' experience the applicant has had as a private detective or in the related fields.

    (5)    The length of time the applicant has been a bona fide resident of the State of Missouri immediately preceding the filing of the application.

    (6)    Such other information as the business license administrator shall find reasonably necessary to effectuate the general purpose of this article and to make a fair determination of whether the terms of this article have been complied with, including all information necessary for compliance with section 13-21 of this chapter.

    (b)     Fingerprints and photograph. The application required hereunder shall be accompanied by a full set of fingerprints and a recent photograph.

    (c)     Application fee. The application required hereunder shall be accompanied by a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) plus a fee to cover costs incurred by the department of finance in obtaining the criminal record check required in section 13-159.
(Code 1964, § 11.720; Ord. No. 19518, § 2, 5-7-07)

*    Editors Note: Ord. No. 020688, passed July 19, 2010, repealed Art. VI, §§ 13-156--13-170.