Prior to the adoption of Ord. 17636 on 04/07/2003, Section 13-189 read as follows.

    (a) All vehicles used for the transportation of the contents of privies, contents of septic tanks ,   or manure or garbage, shall be watertight and flytight, equipped with sanitary metal compartments and fully enclosed bodies and shall be so maintained as to prevent the escape of any of their contents.  All waste hauling vehicles shall be equipped with close-fitting covers so as to prevent the escape of offensive odors, and the covers shall be kept closed except when refuse is actually being loaded or unloaded.  The vehicle compartments shall be thoroughly washed and cleaned once every twenty-four (24) hours.  The size of waste hauling vehicles shall meet with the approval of the director of public works.  Waste hauling vehicles shall be kept in good running order and in a clean, sanitary condition at all times.

    (b) Waste hauling vehicles must bear the name and business address of the owner on both front door panels in clear and legible letters at least two (2) inches high and such letters shall be in a contrasting color to the vehicle.

(Ord. No. 14915, § 1, 8-5-96)