Section 13-21 Qualifications of applicants.

    (a) General standards. The general standards herein set out relative to the qualifications of every applicant for a city license shall be considered and applied by the business license administrator. The applicant shall:

    (1)    Good moral character. Be of good moral character. In making this determination the business license administrator shall consider:

        a.     Penal history: All convictions, the reasons therefor, and demeanor of the applicant subsequent to his release.

        b.     License history: The license history of the applicant; whether such person, in previously operating in this or another state under a license, has had such license revoked or suspended, the reasons therefor, and the demeanor of the applicant subsequent to such action.

        c.     General personal history: Such other facts relevant to the general personal history of the applicant as he shall find necessary to a fair determination of the eligibility of the applicant.

    (2)     No obligations to city. Not be in default under the provisions of this article or indebted or obligated in any manner to the city except for current taxes and utilities.

    (3)     Compliance with zoning and building regulations. Present a certificate of occupancy furnished by the city building inspector evidencing that:

        a.    The proposed use of any premises to be used in the applicant's business is not a violation of city zoning regulations; and

        b.    The premises to be used in the applicant's business is not in violation of city building regulations;

        provided, however, that a business license shall not be denied under this subsection if the applicant establishes that a request for a certificate of occupancy is pending.

    (4)     Compliance with all other city regulations. Comply with all health, fire and any other applicable codes and regulations and present certificates and written assurances of compliance with the initial license application and when requested by the license administrator for license renewals.

    (5)     Compliance with state licensing requirements. Present certificates or licenses where applicable, showing that the applicant is authorized under state law to operate the business or occupation for which he is seeking a license.

    (b) Security standards for sales of drugs, firearms and explosives. An applicant for a city license to sell any drug, classified or defined as a controlled substance by state law, or any firearms or explosives, must present a certificate from the chief of police stating that the applicant has made adequate provisions for securing the drugs, firearms and/or explosives offered for sale from theft. The chief of police shall establish procedures for making security inspections of applicant's premises and shall establish standards for determining if adequate provision for securing drugs, firearms and/or explosives from theft have been made.

    (c) Standards for apartments, rooming houses. An applicant for a city license to operate an apartment house or rooming house, as defined in section 22-183 must present a current certificate of compliance for the apartment or rooming house as required by chapter 22, Article V of this Code as a condition to obtaining such license. Revocation or expiration of such certificate of compliance shall be grounds for revoking the business license under section 13-31.

(Code 1964, § 11.060; Ord. No. 10311, § 1, 9-17-84)