Prior to the adoption of 15454 on 12/01/1997, Section 13-25 read as follows.

    (a) When authorized. A licensee hereunder shall have the right to transfer his license to another person provided he shall:

    (1)     Approval of license administrator. Obtain written permission from the business license administrator for such transfer.
    (2)     Method of transfer. Execute the transfer in the form and under the conditions required by law and as prescribed by the license administrator.

    (3)     Notification. Promptly report the completed act of transfer to the license administrator.

    (4)     Surrender license. Promptly surrender any license certificate and, when required by the license administrator, all licensing insignia.

    (5)     Payment of investigation fee. The transferee shall make application for a license and pay the investigation fee provided for in section 13-22(a)(4).

    (b) New license. Upon the completion of a transfer of license in compliance with subsection (a) above, the license administrator shall issue a new license and insignia to the transferee for the unexpired term of the old license.

    (1)     Effect of new license. The new license issued hereunder shall authorize the transferee to engage in the same business at the same location or at such other place as shall be approved by the license administrator and named in the new license.

    (2)     Transfer fee. The license administrator shall collect a transfer fee of five dollars ($5.00) from the transferee prior to the issuance of the new license.

(Code 1964, § 11.100)