Section 13-311 License required.

(a)    No person shall erect, maintain, operate or occupy any temporary business  stand in the city without first obtaining a temporary business license.  No sales activities or services offered, other than those outlined in the application for a temporary business stand license, shall be conducted within the confines of the temporary business stand.   

(b)    A “temporary business stand” is any stationary booth, tent, storeroom, street stand, or other temporary place, for the sale of food, confections, toys, jewelry, groceries, dry goods, drinks of all kind, goods, wares, merchandise or services, operated from doorways, building recesses, alleyways, vacant lots, private parking lots, private streets or walkways or any other place near the public streets of the city and which may last for fourteen (14) days and all days must be consecutive in any three-month period at only one location.

(c)    Non-profit charitable, religious, fraternal, civic, and educational institutions are exempt from the provisions of this division.

(Ord. No. 17023, § 1, 9-17-01; Ord. No. 17347, § 1, 6-17-02)

(Ord. 17347, Amended, 06/17/2002, Prior Text)