Section 13-58 Duties of licensee.

    (a) Each person licensed hereunder shall carry on his person at all times while on duty, and display upon request of any police officer, a currently valid armed guard license. In the event that a licensee comes into official contact with a police officer, said guard shall display said license automatically and without request.

    (b) No person issued a license hereunder shall wear any uniform or insignia which is substantially similar to that of any uniform of any law enforcement agency operating in Boone County, Missouri, nor shall any licensee hold himself out to be a member of any such law enforcement agency.

    (c) Armed guards shall report to the chief the circumstances surrounding any discharge of firearms within the territorial limits of the City of Columbia within twenty-four (24) hours.

(Ord. No. 10810, § 1, 12-2-85; Ord. No. 11482, § 1, 5-18-87)