Section 14-11 Removal of traffic hazards.

    (a) It shall be the duty of the owner of real property to remove from such property any tree, plant, shrub or other obstruction, or part thereof, which by obstructing the view of any driver, constitutes a traffic hazard.

    (b) When the state highway commission or the chief of police determine, upon the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation, that such traffic hazards exist, the commission or police chief shall notify the property owner and order that the hazard be removed within ten (10) days.

    (c) The failure of the owner to remove such traffic hazard within ten (10) days shall constitute an offense punishable by the penalty of one hundred dollars ($100.00), and every day said property owner shall fail to remove such traffic hazard shall constitute a separate and distinct offense.

(Code 1964, § 12.1380)