Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20127 on 12/01/2008, Section 14-178 read as follows.

    Whenever signs have been erected in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, no person shall operate any commercial motor vehicle upon the streets hereinafter designated or on parts of streets so designated except commercial motor vehicles making deliveries thereon. The following streets are hereby designated as prohibited to commercial vehicles:

    Birch Road, from Burnam Road to Bingham Road.

    Leslie Lane, from Garth Avenue to Providence Road.

    Nelwood Drive, from Paris Road (State Route B) to Mulberry Road.

    Pioneer Drive, from Mexico Gravel Road to Fair Haven Drive.

    Quail Drive.

(Code 1964, § 12.241; Ord. No. 13206, § 1, 1-6-92; Ord. No. 14166 § 1, 8-15-94)

    State law reference(s)--Authority, RSMo. § 300.550.