Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20753 on 09/20/2010, Section 14-180 read as follows.

    (a) When day classes are in session at the University of Missouri, and signs are installed in each block giving notice thereof, no motor vehicles except buses and vehicles of residents living in the block south of the library bounded by Conley Avenue on the north, Hitt Street on the east, Rollins on the south, and Missouri Avenue on the west, to whom special permits are issued for access into the closed areas, as authorized by the city manager; emergency vehicles; fire and police vehicles; city utility vehicles; authorized service and maintenance vehicles while engaged in service and maintenance to a facility, building, street, walk, grounds, or area within the closed portion, where adequate access for the area or location is unavailable; and authorized University of Missouri vehicles, shall be permitted between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. upon the following streets or portions of streets:

    Conley Avenue, from Ninth Street to the east line of Missouri Avenue.

    Hitt Street, from a point seventy-five (75) feet south of the south curbline of University Avenue, thence south five hundred forty-four (544) feet.

    Ninth Street, from the south line of the entrance to Middlebush Hall parking lot to Conley Avenue.

    Rollins Street, from a point fifty (50) feet east of the east curbline of Missouri Avenue, thence east six hundred ninety (690) feet.

    (b) There shall be no parking at any time on any of the streets or portions of streets described in this section.

    (c) The city administration is authorized to establish a system of bicycle ways, eight (8) feet wide or less, upon the streets closed under this section, for use while such streets are closed.

(Code 1964, § 12.243; Ord. No. 10390, § 1, 12-3-84; Ord. No. 12237, § 1, 5-1-89)