Prior to the adoption of Ord. 15883 on 02/01/1999, Section 14-203 read as follows.

    One-way streets and alleys are designated as follows, and traffic on such streets and alleys shall move only in the direction indicated:

     Allen Street, between LaSalle Place and Trinity Place, easterly.

     Alley, extending from Ninth to Tenth Streets, between Locust and Elm Streets, westerly.

    Alley, extending from Seventh Street to Sixth Street between Walnut Street and Ash Street, westerly.

     Alley, extending from Sixth Street to Hitt Street, between Cherry Street and Broadway, easterly, during the hours between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

     Alley, extending from Short Street to Seventh Street, between Walnut Street and Broadway, westerly.

     Alley, extending from Woodson Way north to Elm Street, between Watson Place and Hitt Street, northerly.

     Alley, extending from Eighth Street to Tenth Street between Broadway and Walnut Street, easterly.

     Atkins Drive, between Gary Street and Broadway, southerly.

     Bouchelle Street, from William Street to College Avenue, westerly.

     Buttonwood Drive, south of Nifong Boulevard, northerly.

     Curtis Street, between Burnam Avenue and Kentucky Boulevard, southerly.

     Hodge Street, from Ripley Street to Melbourne Street, westerly.

     Hubbel Drive, between Ash Street and Walnut Street, southerly.

     Gentry Place, southerly.
     Guitar Street, southerly.

     Lee Street, between Wilson Avenue and Bouchelle Avenue, southerly.

     Locust Street, between Hitt Street and College Avenue, easterly.

     Ninth Street, from Park Avenue to Rogers Street, northerly.

     Paquin Street, from College Avenue to Hitt Street, westerly.

     Shepard Boulevard, south lane, easterly; and on the north lane, westerly.

     Trinity Place, between Pendleton Street and Park Avenue, southerly.
Watson Place, southerly.

     Waugh Street, from Paquin Street to Locust Street, northerly.

     Willis Avenue, from Broadway to Bass Avenue, southerly.

     Woodson Way, east of Watson Place, easterly.

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