Section 14-311 Hearing on impoundment.

    (a)    The registered owner or any person with an interest in a vehicle impounded for unpaid parking tickets may request the municipal court to conduct a hearing to contest the validity of the impoundment. The request must be in writing and must state the grounds upon which the person requesting the hearing believes the impoundment is invalid or unjustified.  Except for good cause, the request for hearing must be filed within thirty (30) days after the vehicle was impounded.

    (b)    If the vehicle has been redeemed, the municipal judge shall set a hearing on the validity of the impoundment within thirty (30) days of receipt of a proper request filed under subsection (a).  If the vehicle remains impounded, the municipal judge shall set and conduct a hearing within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the request, not including weekends or city holidays, unless the person requesting a hearing, for good cause, requests a later hearing date.

    (c)    If the municipal judge finds that the impoundment of the vehicle was invalid or unjustified, the judge shall order the vehicle to be released immediately and the city shall pay the towing charges and storage charges up to the date of the hearing.  If these charges have already been paid, the city shall reimburse the person who paid them.

    (d)    If the municipal judge finds that the impoundment of the vehicle was valid and justified, the vehicle, if still impounded, shall remain impounded until redeemed pursuant to Sec. 14-310 or sold pursuant to state law.

(Ord. No. 19250, § 1, 10-2-06)

(Ord. 19250, Added, 10/02/2006)