Section 14-313 Special residential parking district.

    (a)    Purpose.  The purpose of this section is to reduce hazardous traffic conditions resulting from the use of streets within areas zoned for residential uses for the parking of vehicles by persons utilizing adjacent commercial, industrial, educational or institutional uses; to protect certain districts from polluted air, excessive noise, litter and refuse caused by the entry of such vehicles; to protect the residents of such districts from unreasonable burdens in gaining access to their residences; to preserve the character of these districts as residential districts; to promote efficiency in the maintenance of residential streets in a clean and safe condition; to preserve the value of the property in these districts; and to preserve the safety of children, other pedestrians and traffic in these districts, as well as the peace, good order, comfort, convenience and welfare of the inhabitants of the city.

    (b)    Residential parking district established. The following  parking district is hereby established:

(1)    North Village parking district.  North Village parking district shall  consist of all residential structures located on Park Avenue with even number addresses from 1110 through 1204 , on St. James Street with odd number addresses from 307 through 309, on St. Joseph Street from Park Avenue to Ash Street, on East Ash Street with odd number addresses from 1201 through 1209, on East Walnut Street with odd numbered addresses from 1203 through 1205, and on Hubbell Street from Walnut Street to Ash Street.  

    (c)     Posting of signs. In each residential parking district, appropriate signs giving notice of the designation of the residential parking district shall be posted restricting all parking in unmetered spaces to vehicles displaying valid permits  or visitor cards  for the designated residential parking district.

    (d)     Issuance of parking permits  and visitor cards . Each residential unit in the designated residential parking district may be issued a maximum of two (2) permits  and one (1) visitor card   by the director of public works. The application for a permit shall contain the name of the owner or operator of the vehicle, the residential address, the vehicle make, model and registration number, and the applicant's driver's license number. If the vehicle is not registered to the applicant's address within the parking district, the applicant must provide proof of residence within the designated residential district.

    (e)     Term of parking permits. Except as provided herein, residential parking permits  and visitor cards issued pursuant to this section  shall be issued for a period of twelve (12) months and must be renewed annually. A tenant residing in the designated area under a shorter term lease shall be issued a permit  and visitor card  for the term of the lease, which shall be indicated on the application for the permit. The permit  and visitor card  shall automatically become void when the tenant vacates that location.

    (f)    Exemptions. Any truck or vehicle providing repairs, deliveries or other services to a resident of the area shall be exempt from the provisions of this section. Emergency vehicles, utility company vehicles, and vehicles on city or official government business shall also be exempt from the provisions of this section.

    (g)     Display of parking permit  or visitor card . The parking permit shall be displayed in the front window of all vehicles in the upper right corner of the passenger side; or on motorcycles or motor scooters on the rear fender or wheel guard.   The visitor card shall be displayed in the front window of the vehicle.

    (h)    New vehicles.  If a resident transfers ownership of the vehicle registered under this section, the old permit must be presented before issuance of a new permit.

    (i)    Violations.  

    (1)     No person shall park a motor vehicle in an unmetered space on a street within a residential parking district without a valid permit  or visitor card  properly displayed, or unless the vehicle is exempt under this section.

    (2)    No person shall furnish false information in an application for a permit.

    (3)     No person shall use or display or allow the use or display of a valid residential parking permit  or visitor card  on a motor vehicle other than that for which the permit  or visitor card  was issued.

    (4)     No person shall use or display a facsimile or counterfeit permit  or visitor card .

    (5)    No person shall sell, give or otherwise dispose of a vehicle displaying a permit without destroying that permit, and no subsequent owner of the vehicle shall use a permit issued to a previous owner.

    (6)     No person shall allow a nonresident of a parking district to use or display a residential parking permit.   A nonresident of the residential parking district shall only use or display a visitor card while the nonresident is visiting a resident of the designated residential parking district.

    (7)     No person shall knowingly permit any act prohibited under this section, or aid or abet another to do so.

    (8)    Each hour that a violation of this section continues is a separate offense.

    (j)    Penalty.  Every person convicted of a violation of any of the provisions of this section shall be punished as provided in section 1-8 of this Code, except that a fine shall not be less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) if paid within fifteen (15) days of the violation and not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) if paid more than fifteen (15) days after violation.  

    (k)     Denial or cancellation of parking permit  or visitor card . All permits  and visitor cards   shall remain the property of the city. The director of public works shall have the power to deny the issuance of a permit  or visitor card  or cancel an existing permit  or visitor card  if the applicant causes or permits any of the violations specified in this section or is abusing the rights and privileges granted under this section. It shall be unlawful to use a cancelled permit  or visitor card   and the holder of a cancelled permit  or visitor card  shall surrender the permit and visitor card to the director of public works immediately upon request.

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