Section 14-392 Unmetered municipal parking lots.

    (a) When signs are placed, erected or installed giving notice thereof, it shall be unlawful for any person other than an authorized officer or employee of the city or other authorized person, to park a vehicle at any time upon the following described property owned by the city:

    (1)    Water and Light building lot. At Seventh Street, north of and adjacent to the eastwest alley.

    (2)    Grissum Building lot. On the north side of Lakeview Avenue, adjacent to and west of the Grissum Building.

    (3)    Public Works storage lot. Located adjacent to and south of Chestnut Street and east of the MKT Railroad right-of-way.

(4)    Worley Street property.  At the northwest corner of Worley Street and West Boulevard North.

    (b) It shall be unlawful for any person to stop, stand or park a vehicle in any of the hereinafter listed municipal parking lots, unless a parking sticker sold or issued under the authority of section 14-393 of these ordinances shall be conspicuously displayed and permanently affixed to such vehicle.

    (1)    Municipal Building lot. The south thirty (30) feet of the west one hundred (100) feet of the paved area south of the municipal building and the paved area immediately east of such building.

    (2)    Fire, Police Building lot. At the southeast corner of Sixth Street and Walnut, and northeast of the Fire--Police Building.

    (3)    Eighth and Ash rental lot. At the northwest corner of Eighth and Ash Streets, and the southwest corner of Eighth Street and Park Avenue.

    (4)    Municipal Lot No. 7. Located north of Ash Street, between Eighth and Ninth Streets.

(Code 1964, § 12.635; Ord. No. 14882 § 1, 6-17-96; Ord. No. 17159, § 1, 2-4-02)

(17159, Amended, 02/04/2002, Prior Text)