Section 14-397 Special events.

The city manager may lease or authorize the use of off-street parking facilities for special events if the manager determines that:

    a)    The special event would not interfere with the primary function of the parking facility during those hours when parking fees are charged;

    b)    No structural alterations would be required and no structural or cosmetic damage would be likely to occur to the facility;

    c)    The facility is large enough to accommodate the event;

    d)    The event would not place a significant burden upon the police, fire, public works or other city departments which may be called upon to police, monitor or clean up after the event; and

    e)    The organizers of the event have sufficient insurance coverage to protect the city from any damage or injury claims arising out of the event.

(Ord. No. 16129, § 1, 8-16-99)