Section 14-414.1 Five-hour zones.

    No person shall, during the hours set forth in this division, park a vehicle in any parking spaces on the following designated streets alongside of, next to, in front of, or behind which a five-hour parking meter is installed for a longer period of time than five (5) hours at the rate established in section 14-413:

         Conley Avenue, south side, Fifth Street to Maryland Avenue.

     Elm Street, south side, beginning from a point three hundred ninety-two (392) feet from Providence Road to Fifth Street.

    Hitt Street, both sides, Locust Street to University Avenue.

    Hitt Street, east side, Rollins Street north to one hundred ninety-five (195) feet north of Conley Avenue; and west side, Rollins Street north to the "closed campus" zone.

    Maryland Avenue, east side, Rollins Street to one hundred fifty (150) feet north of Kentucky Boulevard.

         Paquin Street, south side, from Hitt Street to Waugh Street.

         Paquin Street, north side, from Matthews Street to College Avenue.

    Stewart Road, north side, Fifth Street to Sixth Street and south side from Fourth Street to Fifth Street.

    University Avenue, south side, Hitt Street to two hundred (200) feet west of College Avenue.

    Waugh Street, east side, from Locust Street to E. Broadway.

    Waugh Street, west side, from E. Broadway thence south two hundred sixty-eight (268) feet.

    Fifth Street, west side, Locust Street to four hundred fifty (450) feet north of Stewart Road.

    Fifth Street, east side, from Elm Street to two hundred fifty (250) feet north of Stewart Road.

    Sixth Street, west side, from Stewart Road to Conley Street.

    Sixth Street, west side, from Elm Street six hundred fifty-five (655) feet south.

    Sixth Street, west side, from Stewart Road one hundred sixty-one (161) feet north.

    Tenth Street, west side, from Park Avenue to Rogers Street and east side from a point seventy-two (72) feet north of Park Avenue and Rogers Street.

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