Prior to the adoption of Ord. 21750 on 07/15/2013, Section 14-414 read as follows.

    No person shall, during the hours set forth in this division, park a vehicle in any parking space on the following designated streets or off-street parking lots alongside of, next to, in front of, or behind which a ten-hour parking meter is installed, for a longer period of time than ten (10) hours at the rate established in section 14-413:

    Alley between Sixth Street and Seventh Street, bordered by Ash Street and Walnut Street.

     Ash Street, both sides, Fourth to Fifth Streets.

     Ash Street, south sides, Fifth to Sixth Streets.

     Ash Street, south side, Sixth to Seventh Streets.

     Ash Street, both sides, Ninth to Tenth Streets.

     Ash Street, north side, between Orr Street and St. James Street.

    Ash Street, north side, from a point one hundred and fifty feet (150) west of College Avenue to St. Joseph Street.

    Locust Street, north side, between one hundred twenty (120) feet west of the west curbline of Waugh Hitt Street and College Avenue.

     Matthews Street, east side from Paquin Street to University Avenue.  

     Municipal parking lot, located at the southeast corner of Ash and Ninth Streets including only those spaces north of the alley which are not designated for parking permit usage in section 14-393(e), which are not designated as a four-hour zone in section 14-415 and which are not designated as reserved parking for county vehicles in section 14-394.

     Municipal parking lot, located on Locust Street, north side, between Tenth and Hitt Streets.

     Municipal parking lot, located on Walnut Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets.

     Municipal parking lot, located on west side of intersection of Fourth Street and Cherry Street, only the nine (9) spaces on the south side of the lot.

     North Fourth Street, both sides, Broadway to Walnut Street.

     North Fifth Street, both sides, Walnut to Ash Streets.

     North Seventh Street, both sides, Ash Street to Park Avenue.

Park Avenue, south side from Seventh Street to Eighth Street.

    St. Joseph Street, east side, between Park Avenue and Ash Street.

     Walnut Street, both sides, from a point, one hundred fifty six (156) feet east of Providence Road  to Fifth Street .

     Walnut Street, both sides, between First Street and Providence Road.

     First Street, both sides, between Broadway and Ash Street.

Second Street, both sides, from Broadway to Walnut.

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