Prior to the adoption of Ord. 21309 on 05/07/2012, Section 14-424 read as follows.

    (a) The city manager may authorize the issuance of marked parking meter hoods to the following persons at the rates stated herein, which shall be in lieu of meter charges:

    (1)     Contractors and service agencies, who exhibit a need to park vehicles at specific meter locations in order to perform their work--Eight dollars ($8.00) per day.

    (2)     Private utilities companies, for the parking of service vehicles identifiable as such by color or signs--Eight dollars ($8.00) per day.

    (3)     Theater operators, c C hurches and funeral home operators, and any business that  who establish es  a business-related need for the issuance of such hoods—Eight dollars ($8.00) per day.

    (4)     Handicapped persons, who establish an employment need for the issuance of such hood and who either are nonambulatory or who present a physician's certificate of need with respect to their handicap--Two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) per day or fifty dollars ($50.00) per month.

    (b) The city manager may, by regulations, impose conditions and limitations upon the issuance and use of such hoods. The city manager may also withdraw or revoke hoods issued hereunder, provided that any prepayments are refunded pro rata.

    ( c )    The city manager shall have the authority to issue annual and or monthly parking hoods to service agencies, private utility companies, theater operators and funeral home operators who establish a reasonably definite basis of estimating their annual use of such hoods. The minimum fee for issuance of annual hoods shall be sixty cents ($0.60) per estimated hour of usage, provided that the minimum annual hood fee shall be one thousand six hundred dollars ($1,600.00) payable in advance.   The monthly fee shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).

    ( d )    The city manager shall have the authority to issue parking hoods to the chief of police for the use of volunteer police workers while working in the police building and for use by the municipal court bailiff for duties relating to transporting inmates to and from municipal court. The police department shall pay the parking utility a monthly fee of sixty cents ($0.60) per estimated hour of hood usage.

    (e)    The city manager shall have the authority to issue parking hoods to not-for-profit organizations, without charge, when the city manager determines that waiver of the rental fee is in the public interest and that doing so would contribute to the public awareness of, accessibility to, participation in, and support for the artistic, cultural or charitable development in the city and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester.

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