Section 14-442.1 City shall provide adequate markings.

    (a) Upon notice from any business, organization or individual that they wish to designate disabled parking spaces upon property owned or controlled by them, the traffic engineer is hereby authorized to meet and confer with the requesting party to determine the exact location and number of disabled parking spaces desired.

    (b) The traffic engineer shall thereafter post the agreed upon disabled spaces with legally adequate signs and shall further mark the spaces so that the posting and marking conforms to the requirements of law.

    (c) The cost of posting and marking disabled parking spaces shall be charged to the requesting party and said cost shall be paid prior to the posting and marking. This charge shall not exceed the actual cost to the city of marking the space.

    (d) It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain an improperly marked disabled parking space upon any property owned or controlled by them. In addition to any other penalty imposed by law, the city traffic engineer is authorized to abate a violation of this subsection by removing or painting out the illegal parking space markings.

(Code 1964, § 12.1625; Ord. No. 10121, § 1, 3-19-84; Ord. No. 11035, § 1, 5-5-86)