Section 14-549 Same--Conditions for impounding abandoned property.

    (a) Any members of the police department may authorize a towing company to remove to a place of safety:

     (1)    Any vehicle on the right of way of an interstate highway, freeway or state highway left unattended for more than ten (10) hours, provided that a commercial motor vehicle under state law not hauling waste designated as hazardous under federal law, may only be removed after the owner or owner's representative has had a reasonable opportunity to contact a towing company of choice.

    (2)    Any unattended vehicle illegally left standing upon any highway or bridge, or a vehicle left in a position or under such circumstances as to obstruct the normal movement of traffic where there is no reasonable indication that the person in control of the property is arranging for its immediate control or removal.

    (3)    Any vehicle left unattended upon a street and so parked as to constitute a definite hazard or obstruction to the normal movement of traffic or causes any other safety hazard.

    (4)    Any vehicle  left at any place within the city which reasonably appears to be in violation of this chapter, or is lost, stolen or unclaimed.  

    (5)    Any vehicle when the person operating the vehicle is arrested for an alleged offense for which the officer is required to take the person into custody and when such person is unable to arrange for the timely removal of the vehicle.

    (6)    Any vehicle left unattended on a street or parking lot in any area marked as a fire lane, or as a bus stop or bus stand where parking is prohibited and where such property or vehicle interferes with entry by a bus.

(7)    Any vehicle which, due to any state law or city ordinance, is subject to towing because of the owner's outstanding traffic or parking violations.

(8)    Any vehicle left unattended in violation of a state law or city ordinance where signs have been posted giving notice of the law, or when such property is left unattended in any parking space clearly marked as reserved for disabled parking only or is found blocking any ramp, entrance or stile designed and designated for disabled access.

    (b)  Abandoned property shall be impounded until lawfully claimed or disposed of in accordance with  state law.

(c)    The city may immediately remove or have removed any abandoned, unattended, wrecked, burned or partially dismantled property, spilled cargo or other personal property from any roadway or highway in the city if the abandoned property, cargo or personal property is creating a traffic hazard because of its position upon or in relation to the roadway or highway.

(d)    The owner or person in possession of any abandoned property, cargo or personal property, when such must be removed from or near a roadway under this  section shall be responsible for payment of all reasonable charges for removal, towing and storage of such abandoned property, cargo or personal property.

(e)    Members of the police department authorizing towing under this section shall make such reports as are required by state law.

State law reference - RSMo. 1996 § 304.155.

(Code 1964, § 12.660; Ord. No. 9749, § 1, 3-9-83; Ord. No. 16077, § 1, 7-6-99)

(Ord. 16077, Amended, 07/06/1999, Prior Text)