Section 15-12 Witnesses.

    (a) Summons; oral notification. It shall be the duty of the municipal judge to summon all persons whose testimony may be deemed essential as witnesses at the trial, and to enforce their attendance by attachment, if necessary. The fees of witnesses shall be the same as those fixed for witnesses in trials before associate circuit judges and shall be taxed as other costs in the case. When a trial shall be continued by a municipal judge it shall not be necessary to summon any witnesses who may be present at the continuance; but the municipal judge shall orally notify such witnesses as either party may require to attend before him on the day set for trial to testify in the case, and enter the names of such witnesses on his docket, which oral notice shall be valid as a summons.

    (b) Policeman or other officer as witness. In prosecutions before the municipal judge for misdemeanors arising under ordinances of the city, any policeman or other executive officer shall be a competent witness in the case but no such policeman or executive officer shall be entitled to any witness fee in such case.

    (c) Arresting officers to attend as witnesses without summons. Officers shall attend, upon notice, as witnesses against persons whom they have caused to be arrested, without being summoned to do so; and, upon their failure to appear at the time of the trial, may be attached and punished for contempt as witnesses summoned.

(Code 1964, §§ 7.085, 7.090, 7.095)

     State law reference(s)--Summoning of witnesses, RSMo. § 479.160.