Section 15-25 Accounting for fines and costs; monthly report.

    The municipal judge shall cause the clerk, within the first ten (10) days of every month, to make out a list of all the cases heard or tried before the judge during the preceding month, giving in each case the name of the defendant, the fine imposed, if any, the amount of costs, the names of defendants committed and the cases in which there was an application for trial de novo, respectively. Such clerk or the judge shall verify such lists and statements by affidavit, and file the same forthwith with the clerk of the municipality, who shall lay the same before the governing body of the municipality at its first session thereafter; providing, that the city council hereby designates the finance director its agent and delegates to such finance director the duty to receive and review such verified lists and statements. The official collecting fines shall, within the ten (10) days aforesaid, pay to the municipal treasurer the full amount of all fines collected by him during the preceding month if not previously paid to the municipal treasurer.

(Code 1964, § 7.160)